While your security guards manage most of your shopping centre's security needs, there are things your guards can't do. They can manage security alerts but, in some cases, won't be able to tell if an alert is real or a false alarm. Adding a bomb detection dog to your security team gives your shopping centre additional protection. This is especially important nowadays given the increase in terrorist attacks in public places that contain a lot of people.

What can a bomb detection dog do for your shopping centre? 

Detecting Bomb and Explosive Threats

Bomb detection dogs are trained to identify the smell of explosives and common materials used to make bombs. If you have a bomb detection dog in your centre and get an alert of a suspect package, then you can act quickly to assess if the package is a bomb or an explosive device.

This isn't something your security guards can do, but your dog can tell if the package is dangerous by sniffing around it. If the package did contain a bomb, the dog is trained to give a signal to its handler. You can then evacuate your centre and call the police to have the package dealt with.

Detecting Firearms and Ammunition

Many bomb detection dogs are also trained to sniff out firearms and ammunition. Shopping centres all over the world are targets for random shooters, so having a detection dog on site gives you some protection against this kind of event. Again, if the dog smells something on an individual, it alerts its handler. You can then clear the area and contain the individual until the police arrive.

Minimising False Alarm Evacuations

At the moment, you may have to evacuate your shopping centre if you find a suspect bag or package and can't evaluate its contents. You have to wait for police and bomb disposal units to check the package or bag over before you can open up again. Problem is, people sometimes leave bags and packages behind by accident when they're out shopping. Most of the time, these alerts are false alarms.

If you have a bomb detection dog on site, it can check the bag or package on the spot. If it doesn't find anything sinister in it, then you can avoid lengthy shut-downs and evacuations. If you're interested in adding a bomb sniffer dog to your security team, contact dog detection training companies to learn more about your options.