Security systems are a standard feature in most homes, business premises, and public areas. They not only prevent theft but also help people feel safe. The installation of security cameras in public places has received a lot of accolades in recent years due to the cameras' ability to improve security. Although critics argue that such measures intrude on the privacy of individual citizens, the success of the system in developed nations has made many countries around the world install the systems to improve the security of their citizens. Below are some benefits of such security systems.

Crime prevention

Crimes in public areas range from pickpocketing to terrorist attacks. Having security cameras installed in malls, airports, buses and train stations deters people from committing such crimes since security cameras will capture their faces. As such, public areas with security cameras are likely to have reduced crime rates.

Tracking criminals

Security cameras have made it easy for police to track down criminals. For instance, if the police gather intelligence that an international criminal will travel into the country, security cameras will help the people on the ground monitor the various entry points. The main benefit of CCTV footage is that you can rewind or zoom in for closer observation. Law enforcement can also use the cameras to track the criminal's activity. It can tell them what car the criminal uses and what areas the criminal has visited. 

Emergency response

Modern security systems are integrated with emergency response mechanisms. For instance, if a fire breaks out in a multistorey building, an alarm will go off, consequently sending a signal to local police and firefighters. Water sprinklers get activated to reduce the fire. Using a public address system, security officers will ask people to exit the premises. An emergency lockdown protocol will lock down the floor that the fire started on to prevent it from spreading to other areas. As such, security systems allow rapid and organised emergency response, reducing damage to property and loss of human life. 

Traffic management

Security systems enhance traffic management in large cities. Traffic cameras help the police identify drivers involved in traffic violations. For example, they can detect speeding vehicles or drivers that do not obey traffic lights. Once the cameras detect a traffic offence, they take a photograph of the car, which is then used by traffic officers to make arrests. The cameras can also be a vital source of evidence when accidents occur.

The main benefits of security systems in public areas are that they help prevent crime, detect criminals, improve emergency response, and manage traffic.