Although entry doors can acquire damage over time, especially if they are exposed to the changing weather patterns directly, your security screen door is supposed to last you much longer. These doors are designed to withstand both brute force and tampering, in an attempt to keep both your loved ones and your valuable belongings safe. Nevertheless, security screen doors are not built the same. Some materials are more prone to damage than others are which will require you to replace them with a stronger security screen door after several years. One of the most popular supplies used in the manufacture of security screen doors is steel. And while steel doors are quite sturdy, here are some of the ways you can identify if your steel security screen door needs replacing. 

The security screen door's frame is out of shape

Your security screen doors, granted, are tasked with primarily ensuring that your residence cannot be breached. Thus, it is not unusual for most homeowners to pay close attention to the doors themselves and overlook the condition of the frame. What you should know about the frame is that it is just as integral to the stability of the security screen doors, as this is what holds that doors in place. If the frame is bent out of shape, it makes it easy for burglars to pry through it and subsequently gain access into your home. If you do notice that the frame is looking worse for wear, then you should replace the entire door for a security screen door comes with a strong, inbuilt frame.

The core of the security screen door is jeopardised

Steel doors, undeniably, are strong. But if your security screen door has taken several hits at its core, then it could mean that the entire door is compromised. The centre of the door should be the strongest part of the structure. Therefore, when this centre part is put through a substantial amount of abuse on a regular basis, it renders the entire security screen door useless. It should be noted that it is challenging to identify the potential of breakage without a professional examination. So it is prudent to call a technician who will assess the state of the security screen doors and advise you on whether it will be best to replace it.

The core of the security screen door is delaminated

Another form of damage that will have a negative impact on your security screen door is delamination of the core. Delamination refers to damage that is caused by exposure to caustic environments. This delamination will typically occur in homes by the coast, as the salty air coupled with the constant humidity will abrade the core of your security screen door. Additionally, delamination can happen if the door is exposed to acidic substances on a routine basis, for whatever reason that may be. Delaminated security screen doors need to be replaced since the structure will be affected wholly.