For a household where you have furry friends as part of the family, there are several pet-friendly alarm systems to suit your unique situation. Installing such a system will spare you the inconvenience of false alarms triggered by your pet every now and again.

Among the key highlights to know about pet-friendly home security systems are as follows.

1.    Different PIR Sensor Configurations

The passive infra-red (PIR) detectors in standard alarm systems are so designed to check for any differences in your space's thermal environment. Such will not differentiate between the PIR energy that an intruder, or any other human for that matter, emits and that emitted by your pets.

With pet-friendly alarm systems, the assembly is set to ignore heat sources from animals below a certain height or weight. You will need to consider the specific weight and height of your pets when calibrating your system.

2.    Not too Expensive

Contrary to any preconceptions you may have, pet-friendly alarm systems do not cost that much compared to the standard systems. This is because, apart from the pet-immune sensors that come with the alarm panel, not much else is different about these systems when compared to standard alarm systems. Cost should, therefore, not stand in the way of you buying and installing these pet-friendly alarms.

You also have the option of swapping out your standard PIRs for pet-immune sensors. The cost of the pet-friendly sensors and the installation fee for this retrofitting is budget-friendly.

3.    Consider Doing More

Pet-immune sensors are great, but you may need to do more to avoid false alarm activations by your pet. Consider a pet-friendly configuration that takes into account the shape or height of objects. While such a system will typically dismiss any movements that are close to ground-level, your pet jumping up and down, or perching higher up on kitchen cabinet, will more than likely trigger the alarm.

To proof your system against such, the best thing to do is to add glass break detectors to your alarm systems. Similarly, you can install additional security features such as contacts on doors and windows that will detect any unauthorised opening while your alarm system is armed.

No More pet-Triggered False Alarms

Pet-friendly alarm systems are a sure way to avoid pet-triggered false alarms. You can say goodbye to the inconvenience of having to wake up to disarm your alarm following these false activations.

To get help with your home security system, reach out to a security company near you.